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Dalgona Coffee with Soya Milk. Instead of fresh hot milk i use soya milk instead, easy to make, and it's naturally free from gluten, dairy, lactose and cholesterol, hope you like it it's. Dalgona Coffee - or whipped coffee - as it's sometimes called, is taking the internet by storm. In fact, soon it'll just be called Tik Tok coffee since Then we're going to scoop our whipped coffee on top of our iced milk and take a photo of our beautiful keto dalgona coffee.

Dalgona Coffee with Soya Milk Dalgona coffee recipe with step by step pictures and video. Dalgona coffee is nothing but milk topped with whipped coffee cream. Dalgona coffee was orginated from Korea and its spreading across the world and it is actually very trending now so thought to try it. Mom bisa memulai Dalgona Coffee with Soya Milk dengan menggunakan 5 bahan-bahan dan hanya butuh 4 step untuk membuat masakan favoritenya. Di sini kami akan memberikan cara memasak masakan dengan simple, cepat, gampang dan mudah ikuti dan juga dilengkapi video untuk memudahkan anda.

Bahan yang dibutuhkan memasak Dalgona Coffee with Soya Milk

  1. Ambil 2 sdm Nescafe Decaf.
  2. Tambahkan 2 sdm air pana.
  3. Ambil 2 sdm brown sugar.
  4. Anda butuh 300 ml soya milk per cup.
  5. Anda butuh 5 cube es batu per cup.

Now more versions of dalgona coffee like. Dalgona is a viral success on TikTok, but it's also gaining steam on YouTube. Then came the Dalgona latte: a superbly-sweet coffee concoction that relies on a caramel-thick For a happy medium, you can use a milk frother. Once everything is mixed in and the mixture looks frothy.

step by step Dalgona Coffee with Soya Milk

  1. Kocok bahan dalgona hingga kental.
  2. Tuang soya milk ke gelas yang berisi es.
  3. Tambahkan dalgona diatasnya.
  4. Selamat menikmati dan mencoba.

Apart from coffee, you can also use Milo as the froth. But if you're going to use Milo, better to use it with whip cream or pasteurized egg. Also, you can use milk as the whip and have coffee or milo as the base. You can also check out Erwan Heausaff's version of Dalgona Milo Dalgona coffee originated in Korea and is named after a simple honeycomb candy sold by street vendors (the color of the whipped coffee is exactly the color of the molten candy that it's named after). Photos of this beautiful layered whipped coffee were soon all over TikTok and social media platforms.

Step by step Dalgona Coffee with Soya Milk dengan gampang