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COFFEE BUN / ROTI BOY KW. Mexican Coffee Bun (Rotiboy) - Sweet bun with coffee topping and butter filling. It's popular in Malaysia and Asia. This coffee bun is also a very popular snack in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and even Korea.

COFFEE BUN / ROTI BOY KW These fluffy, buttery buns are topped with a coffee scented cookie crust, and because they're so ridiculously tasty they became wildly popular in Southeast Asia. Soft buns with only one-time proofing, topped with coffee flavor cookie crust and filled with melty cheese are simply irresistible. All the tips you need to know to make this at home. Sist bisa memasak COFFEE BUN / ROTI BOY KW dengan menggunakan 19 bahan-bahan dan hanya butuh 5 langkah untuk membuat masakan favoritenya. Di sini kami akan memberikan panduan memasak masakan dengan simple, cepat, gampang dan mudah ikuti dan juga dilengkapi video untuk memudahkan anda.

Bahan yang dibutuhkan memasak COFFEE BUN / ROTI BOY KW

  1. Tambahkan 100 gr tepung protein tinggi.
  2. Ambil 25 gr tepung protein sedang.
  3. Siapkan 25 gr gula pasir.
  4. Anda butuh 4 gr susu bubuk.
  5. Anda butuh 2 gr ragi instan.
  6. Persiapkan 25 ml susu cair.
  7. Anda butuh 2 gr garam.
  8. Tambahkan 1 btr kuning telor.
  9. Siapkan 20 gr margarin.
  10. Anda butuh 38 ml air es.
  11. Ambil TOPING :.
  12. Anda butuh 50 gr gula halus.
  13. Persiapkan 63 gr margarin.
  14. Ambil 1 btr telor.
  15. Ambil 75 gr tepung terigu.
  16. Siapkan 1 sdm kopi instan (seduh dengan 1 sdm air panas).
  17. Siapkan ISIAN :.
  18. Siapkan 50 gr margarin.
  19. Siapkan 3 sdm gula halus.

Recreate the popular rotiboy coffee bun in the comfort and warmth of your own kitchen with this easy-to-follow recipe! Recreating this popular bun at home is easier than it sounds, and all you need is to be patient and follow the steps accurately. Oooh I always love the alluring fragrant of this coffee bun! It tasted so awfully good when its still warm, crusty cookie topping with buttery filling.


  1. Siapka semua bahan. Campur jadi 1 dalam baskom kecuali margarin dan garam. Mixer atau uleni dengan tangan sampai 1/2 Kalis..
  2. Tambahkan margarin dan garam. Mixer / uleni sampai kalis..
  3. Bulatkan dan istirahatkan sampai 2x lipat. Tinju dan timbang 50gr. Gilas dan isi lalu bulatkan lagi dan tata di loyang. Istirahatkan sampai 2x lipat..
  4. Beri toping dan panggang tergantung suhu oven sendiri ya. Me: oven tangkring dg suhu 200° waktu 10menit rak bawah dan 5 menit rak atas. Roti boy/ coffee Bun/ roti O KW siap disajikan..
  5. Isian: campur jadi 1 bahan dan aduk rata. Isian siap di pakai. Toping: campur semua bahan termasuk pasta kopinya. Lalu mixer sampai tercampur rata. Masukkan dalam plastik segitiga, toping siap untuk digunakan..

But my first attempt on this coffee bun was really a disaster hahaha.filling all oozing out and the topping really looks ugly *no eyes see* >.<. I saw a lot of people walking around in the mall eating out of these little paper bags. I asked one of the locals about the item that they were. Place buns on lightly greased pan and let rest for. Mexican coffee bun/rotiboy is a sweet bun with coffee topping and butter filling.

Step by step COFFEE BUN / ROTI BOY KW dengan mudah